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CREATIVE INFLUENCE MUSIC,  A music production company located in Northeast, FL w/ over 20 years of experience specializing in Southern Hip-Hop. Our talents and services consists of working with new concept artists and bringing their message to life. We offer E.P Packages / New Concept albums, high quality underground music production + remote master mix services. Our Creative Team provides exclusive and non-exclusive packages to accommodate your specific needs 

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Melissa L. Shannon

music producer | songwriter | lyricist

A.K.A The Inspiration and Co-Founder behind C.I.M.  A Channel for Music lovers and Indie artists.  Growing up around a household of musicians, Melissa L. Shannon has been writing and producing music since the age of 12. Influenced by folks, popular songwriters, various music producers and mainstream artists; Melissa said, “Music has always been my passion”. Listening to 70’s disco, jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and rock; she quickly learned how to play and compose music by ear. Writing poetry and sharing her life story, Melissa became very skillful in the art of storytelling. 

In 2004, she recorded and produced her very 1st album called “Short Stories” (Southern Hip-hop), selling over a thousand copies along the southeast region, out the trunk of her car. Along the way, Melissa met many other artists in different places, producing hip-hop soundtracks and encouraging them to keep pushing. 

By the year of 2016, she became the co-founder of Creative Influence Music,The Visionary of “What Makes You Original” continuing to raise the bar, ushering a new generation of underground Southern Hip-hop. 

With several albums completed by the year of 2020, Melissa L. Shannon has been working on a New concept album for Southern Hip-Hop artists and music fans called "Inspiration for the Streets".  Coming soon...